This web site is awfully out of date. I have heard that my new web site is on the way and will list other potentially interesting software, and not include old unmaintained useless code (as this web site may very well do). code warehouse

About the warehouse

My name is Damien Baty. This web site is a repository of various programs that I have written or cowritten. Most of them are available under the GNU General Public License.

Feel free to send me an e-mail (damien.baty -at- if you want to report a bug or contribute.

This web site has been built with Soho and is hosted on (yes, this is a poor attempt to make a link to other sites that I have done or host).

Icons come from Lullabot (licensed under GPL).

No space bar was harmed during the making of this web site. English grammar and orthography have probably been, though. Do not hesitate to report typso.