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Download and install Soho

Supposing you have installed Python and Docutils, you can install Soho via an egg with easy_install or from the sources if you prefer it the old way.

Install via an egg

This is the recommended method. Installing via eggs will also install Soho's requirements for you.

If you need to install easy_install, see easy_install installation page. If you do not want to bother reading this page, here is a shorter how-to:

$ wget
$ python

Now that you are ready:

  1. Make sure that your easy_install installation is up to date by running:

    $ easy_install -U setuptools
  2. Then run the following command:

    $ easy_install soho

That's it.

Install "the old way"

If you do not want to use easy_install, you can use the "traditional" method:

  1. Download sources (either from the tarball or from the SVN repository).

  2. Run:

    $ python build
  3. And then run (you may need to be a super-user to do that):

    $ python install

Test your installation

You should now have:

>>> import soho